Godot and Validaitor Announce Joint PoC to Develop Bias-Free AI

In a landmark collaboration, Godot GmbH, the European R&D arm of Godot Inc., a Japanese startup dedicated to fostering positive behavioural change, and Validaitor, a spin-off from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) focused on AI quality assurance, have announced a joint Proof of Concept (PoC). This initiative is committed to advancing the development of ethical and unbiased artificial intelligence (AI), in line with the European Union’s AI Act. 

Purpose of the Collaboration: 

The joint PoC aims to swiftly establish a use case compliant with the EU AI Act, focusing on developing AI devoid of discrimination and biases. 


Godot Inc. and Godot GmbH have always prioritized ethical considerations in AI, guided by its core values of “Social Technology,” “Inclusivity,” and “Transparency.” This collaboration with Validaitor, supplemented by the engagement with Ars Electronica Futurelab, represents a concrete action towards realizing these values. 

Details of the PoC: 

Under this collaboration, Godot GmbH will utilize the platform developed by Validaitor to rigorously test its AI developments for any traces of discrimination or bias. This initiative not only addresses ethical challenges in AI but also positions Godot GmbH at the forefront of compliance with the EU’s AI regulations. It enables Godot GmbH to guarantee the inclusivity and transparency of its AI while aligning with regulatory requirements. For Validaitor, this partnership provides an opportunity to gather extensive insights by diagnosing Godot’s AI on their platform. 

About Validaitor: 

VALIDAITOR is a visionary spin-off from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), offering tools and platforms for AI quality assurance. Validaitor platform facilitates comprehensive testing and validation for machine learning models, allowing companies to iterate rapidly within the framework of AI regulations. Validator’s unique approach combines out-of-the-box testing with continuous compliance, automating machine learning quality assurance and facilitating ongoing certification. As external auditor, Validaitor partners with companies to evaluate AI systems, offering insights into AI quality and aiding in the adoption of a comprehensive AI risk and quality management framework. Rooted in KIT’s academic excellence, Validator champions the adoption of trustworthy and responsible AI best practices. 

About Godot: 

With a vision to “inspire personal and societal growth using human augmentation”, Godot believes in enhancing empathy to transcend cognitive limitations and biases. Its focus on “Empathy Augmentation” allows designers of services and communication to adopt inclusive approaches. Developing empathetic DeepTech, Godot aspires to transform the world into a more inclusive and kinder place, overflowing with gentle services and communication. Godot GmbH is the R&D arm of Godot Inc., committed to ‘Behaviour change for good.’

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