One-stop Shop for AI Auditing and Certification

Imagine a platform that establishes trust between AI developers and the society…

…a platform that acts as an independent AI auditor nearby the AI developers.

Let us introduce the VALIDAITOR Platform

A comprehensive AI auditing, validation and certification platform that evaluates the quality of AI and acts as a bridge of trust between the AI developers and the society. It’s not yet another MLOps tool. It’s the independent auditor that works in your environment 24/7. It’s easy to adopt and ready to use with its rich set of out-of-the box testing capabilities and ready-made assessment templates.

AI Evaluation Made Easy

Testing as Configuration

Validaitor offers many types of tests just out-of-the-box. You don’t have to write your test code, we cover all major test areas.

CI/CD for ML

Validaitor’s ML testing works behind the scenes. You push your new model and the automated tests run in the background.

Continuous Compliance

As long as you’re using the tests that are provided by Validaitor, we can certify your model automatically.

Iterate Fast

Thanks to our continuous compliance approach, you can shift your models as fast as you like. Be agile. We make certification and compliance automated.


VALIDAITOR tests your ML models against security breaches using methods tailored to your data and model types.


Make sure your models are fair in their predictions and your datasets represent groups fairly by testing them against biases.


Are you working with datasets that contain sensitive information? VALIDAITOR makes sure that you’re preserving the private information.


From empirical robustness to performance guarantees, Validaitor offers many ready-to-use tests to evaluate the robustness of your AI systems.


With ready-made templates and questionnaires, Validaitor makes it easy to conduct AI safety and risk assessments and AI standards checks.

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