Silt and Validaitor Announce Collaboration on Trustworthy AI

As the prominent identity service, Silt starts a collaboration with Validaitor on trustworthy and responsible AI to ensure its AI-based services are safe, reliable, and trustworthy. In the scope of the collaboration, Validaitor helps Silt with its platform to develop safe and trustworthy AI services and to ensure compliance with the regulations worldwide including the European AI Act.

About Silt

Silt helps streamline and simplify the user verification process for businesses (KYB) and individuals (KYC) alike. They are dedicated to automating user onboarding and identity authentication, offering a seamless and efficient solution. Their proprietary IDaaS technology enables real-time user verification using photos of their documents and a selfie. But that’s not all – Silt also creates a digital identity, allowing users to reuse their verification for future interactions. More info about Silt can be found here: https://getsilt.com/en

About Validaitor

Validaitor pioneers the development of tools to ensure quality in Artificial Intelligence. Validaitor platform offers comprehensive testing and validation capabilities for AI systems. Validaitor’s unique out-of-the box testing and continuous compliance approach enable companies to automate their AI quality assurance and get certified continuously. Resting upon the academic perfection of KIT, Validaitor helps in adoption of trustworthy and responsible AI best practices. More info about Validaitor can be found here: www.validaitor.com

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