We are VALIDAITOR – a spin off from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). We are pioneering the development of tools to ensure quality in Artificial Intelligence. Our platform offers comprehensive testing and validation capabilities for AI systems. With our platform, companies enjoy fast iteration while keeping in the realm of the AI regulations. Our unique out-of-the box testing and continuous compliance approach enable companies to automate their AI quality assurance and get certified continuously. We’re partnering up with companies to evaluate their AI systems as external auditors. Our services provide insights regarding the quality of your AI systems and enable you to adopt a comprehensive AI risk and quality management framework. Resting upon the academic perfection of KIT, Validaitor helps in adoption of trustworthy and responsible AI best practices.

We’re on a mission to keep AI safe and trustworthy.

AI is revolutionary. AI is transformative. AI is used in many high-risk application areas that concern human safety and security. We enjoy the capabilities of the modern AI systems. BUT…

AI systems are vulnerable to adversarial attacks. They can be hacked easily. They can leak private information and they can be biased as well. Being aware of the problems is the first step in fixing them. We took that step and moved further to establish trust in AI.

We specialize in bringing trust to the AI applications and systems. We establish a broader vision to AI quality by bringing security, safety, privacy and robustness analysis into the reach of the ML practitioners.

We combine cutting-edge AI research with practical industry experience.

Our research and engineering teams strike a sweat balance between the research and industry. We take state-of-the-art methods and techniques from research and distill them for the practitioners by taking applicability and practicality into account.

We know your pain, we were there.

We’re not setting up academic playgrounds. We’re coming from right in the middle of the industry and we suffered from the same pains and problems. That’s why we’re cracking the barriers of ML testing and quality assurance.

The Founding Team


Yunus Bulut


Yunus is an AI researcher, practitioner and serial tech founder. He founded two successful data science companies so far and now it’s time for him to make AI trustworthy and responsible by testing, cracking and repairing them at Validaitor.


Prof. Dr. Michael Beigl

Academic Advisor

Michael is professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and holds the chair position for Pervasive Computing Systems. He is also the head of the TECO research group.


Dr. Till Riedel

Academic Advisor

Till is the lab leader at TECO within the Chair for Pervasive Computing Systems of Michael Beigl and lecturer at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.


Dr. Kerim Galal

Business Advisor

Kerim is the ex-CEO of DEKRA Digital and currently the Head of Corporate Development (Strategy, M&A, Inhouse-Consulting) at Trumpf.