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The platform for red-teaming, auditing and certifying AI.

Validaitor Platform

AI Auditing & Testing

VALIDAITOR offers a rich set of ready-to-run tests to evaluate an AI system holistically. Validaitor enables to automate the tests to be run every time a new AI model is developed. It works like a CI/CD tool and requires minimal integration and adoption overhead.


VALIDAITOR offers ready-made yet customisable assessment templates for AI regulations and standards. With its collaboration and approval mechanisms, Validaitor provides the easiest way to make AI quality and risk assessments.

Continuous Compliance

VALIDAITOR lets you stay in compliance with the AI regulations. Our platform runs automated tests on your AI models and get the compliance checks and reports from these tests automatically.

Who we are?

We’re pioneers in trustworthy and responsible AI technologies. Our team consists of AI researchers, ML engineers & software developers to serve you in all aspects. We strive to maximize the benefits of AI by providing proper tooling for testing, auditing and certifying AI systems.

What we do?

We help you establish trust for your AI by objectively validating and auditing your AI systems. Our tools bring all the stakeholders together and provide ready-made templates for risk assessments and AI auditing. Our platform certify AI systems, even in an automated manner.

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Validaitor Partnership Program

Join our special partnership program for AI auditors, consultancies and system integrators. We offer comprehensive tooling to conduct AI audits and to put proper AI quality and risk management system in place.

Latest News

Rocket50 to cooperate with Validaitor

Rocket50 to cooperate with Validaitor

We’re happy to announce our cooperation with rocket50 in responsible and trustworthy AI. Pairing innovative technologies and personalized guidance, rocket50 provides affordable, accessible transition support to people over 50 so they can continue to thrive in the new world of work. Here’s the statement from Rocket50:  “Having AI embedded in our platform to make the career…

Silt and Validaitor Announce Collaboration on Trustworthy AI

Silt and Validaitor Announce Collaboration on Trustworthy AI

As the prominent identity service, Silt starts a collaboration with Validaitor on trustworthy and responsible AI to ensure its AI-based services are safe, reliable, and trustworthy. In the scope of the collaboration, Validaitor helps Silt with its platform to develop safe and trustworthy AI services and to ensure compliance with the regulations worldwide including the…

Godot and Validaitor Announce Joint PoC to Develop Bias-Free AI

Godot and Validaitor Announce Joint PoC to Develop Bias-Free AI

In a landmark collaboration, Godot GmbH, the European R&D arm of Godot Inc., a Japanese startup dedicated to fostering positive behavioural change, and Validaitor, a spin-off from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) focused on AI quality assurance, have announced a joint Proof of Concept (PoC). This initiative is committed to advancing the development of…

Quality Assurance for AI

We partner up with you to ensure that your AI systems are safe, fair, robust and compliant.

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